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New Legislation

Farm tips/dumps

From 15th May 2006 it has been illegal to burn or bury any waste which can give rise to pollution of the environment or harm to human health.

Regulation 12

You have a duty to apply the waste hierarchy as required by Regulation 12 of the Waste (England & Wales) Regulation 2011, for more information please see link below:-

Lower Tier Waste Carrier License

If you collect agricultural wastes from other farmers to take for disposal or recycling you will need to register as a lower tier carrier (this used to be known as a professional carrier).
Registering as a lower tier carrier is currently free and it lasts for life.
Please note that from the end of December 2013 if you normally and regularly** carry your own agricultural waste to a site for disposal you will need to register as a lower tier carrier. This will be a one-off registration.
**You would not have to register to be a lower tier carrier if your waste is normally collected by a waste contractor but for some reason you needed to transport your own farm waste on a one-off basis.
Link to Application form: -

Duty of Care

•  Keep waste secure.

•  When transferring waste to someone else, check that they are authorized
   and make sure a waste transfer note is provided.

• Keep all waste transfer notes for two years.

PDF Documents to download or view

Waste Carriers Licence
Site Licence

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